Portraits of Kings

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Ladies and gentlemen!

We present to your attention a unique site where you can see
portraits of rulers of Europe who lived in the period from 1350 to 1855.
Our site is created in the form of an images gallery, especially for
those who are interested in history and portrait painting.

You will find an amazing visual immersion in history, by viewing
portraits of representatives of the ruling elite of the past.
We will gradually add to the site new images. Please do not
forget to follow the updates.

We hope, if possible in full, to collect and present to your
attention a collection of portraits on the topic proposed by us.
Our site is not a commercial project; the main goal is to
popularize the history of Europe.

Having opened the image in full size, you will see excerpts from
the biographies, taken from Wikipedia.
Clicking on the link to the Wikipedia article, you can see the full
biography in a language convenient for you.

We draw your attention to the fact that all the images presented
were carefully processed, cleaned and improved with the help of
a multifunctional image editor.

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